Dawn StClair
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When you’re looking to buy a house in Colorado Springs, work with a trusted and experienced real estate agent. Dawn StClair and the StClair Group can help you find a home based on your goals and dreams in the Colorado Springs area. One of Dawns’s main objectives is to get to know you, so that she can understand what you want and need in a home while keeping you focused so your future home will check all your dream house boxes.


The Colorado Springs real estate market has always been a center stage to living in Colorado Springs. Every year, the city is expanding and new people are moving to Colorado Springs to take advantage of its breathtaking views and booming economy. Finding a home in the housing market here in your favorite part of town isn’t hard, but finding that home that fits your specific wants and needs is Dawn StClair's main goal. Buying a home in Colorado Springs shouldn’t be based on the criteria you write down on a piece of paper, but based on who you are as a person.

Dawn strives to find a home in your price range, while keeping in mind everything that is important to you on your current wishlist and helping your create an even more in-depth wishlist based on what is available to you. There’s more to a buying a home in Colorado Springs than square footage and closing costs, and Dawn knows that. That’s why she strives to find those extra details that are important to you based on the critique of what’s important to your wellbeing.


What makes Dawn one of the best real estate agents in Colorado Springs is that she’s willing to do what she has to do to get comfortable with you and get to know you on the personal level that it takes to find your dream home. No first meeting with your real estate agent should be at the first home on your list of homes to check out for the day. A personal first meeting with Dawn, either at a coffee shop or at her office, is a key component to helping Dawn get to know you and kick start the process of finding you the best homes to check out.

Meeting face to face and asking Dawn everything you want to know about buying a house and letting her know everything you want in your home is a part of the process of finding a house that is good for you. Buying a home in Colorado Springs can be a very personal process and Dawn wants to make sure you don’t just any house, but your perfect home.